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Why you Need Custom Orthotics

Custom orthotics can really enhance your life. Your feet are your body’s foundation so if something is wrong with them, the rest of your body can greatly be affected. If you have mysterious hip, knee, lower back or leg pain, it might just be because of a foot problem. Things like high arches, plantar fasciitis, low arches, neuromas or other foot problems can impact your general health. To combat these things, custom orthotics can provide you with much needed relief.

Customized To Your Foot’s Needs

Not only will these orthotics be customized to your specific needs and wants, but they offer more benefits than your average, runoff-the-mill orthotics you can get at any store. Over-the-counter options do cost less, but they usually only provide you with support for the inner arch of your foot, which may not be the problem or source of you pain when walking. Actually, over supporting simply one arch in your foot can actually worsen your symptoms and pain instead of relieving them.

Premium Support

Custom-made orthotics foot inserts are made especially for you and your feet. Using 3D scans or casts, custom orthotics will help achieve a more balanced foundation for your body, as well as a stabilized pelvis to help any adjustments you have last and hold better. They’re also made using quality materials for premium support.

Ultimate Comfort

Custom orthotics are way more comfy than any over-the-counter options and this is because they are crafted to fit your foot and only your foot. Everyone’s feet are different, so your custom orthotics will be made to accommodate your unique foot structure. Because of such comfort, you’ll want to wear them all the time so that you can walk and do your normal daily tasks with ease.

Reduced Pain

Inserts sold at retail stores do little to ease any pain you might have since they don’t address specific foot issues you have. But if you get custom orthotics, you’ll see a reduction of pain when you move and walk.

Need any more reasons why you need custom orthotics? Of course not because you already know that they’re beneficial, so speak to your chiropractor about getting some!  The best part – most extended health plans cover them!

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