Compression Stockings/Socks

We carry compression stockings, compression pantyhose and compression socks for both men and women in various colours, styles, materials and compression levels.  They are used to compress the legs to improve circulation and blood flow and to prevent pooling of blood in veins.  These stockings are recommended for various reasons (this is not a complete listing): those on their feet for a large part of the day; athletes; over 40 years of age; people that experience swelling or achy/tired pain in their legs; people with varicose veins. Each patient is measured at various levels in the ankle, leg and thigh to provide the most comfortable fit with the maximal benefit.  We also carry other compression garments (shirts and shorts etc) – please ask for more information.  You may be surprised to know that many high performance athletes utilize compression clothing to improve performance and recovery time.  **Many extended health plans cover compression stockings and garments.


  • Got my compression hosiery here and my husband just picked up a pair of orthotics for his shoes. I like the quality of them and it saves me a trip to Cambridge (where we used to go). Its nice to have this clinic right around the corner from us in Ayr – I can walk there.

    R. Goulding